Safety and Quality

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Meeting the Industry’s Highest Standards

Roska PTS has all the industry and government certifications as well as the in-house safety management system, processes and procedures needed to meet the most discerning E&P companies’ requirements for safe well-site operations.

Well testing is intrinsically hazardous due to its high operating pressures, high flow rates, potential for rapid sand damage or “washout”, potential leakage of H2S and other poisonous gases, explosion and fire. Ensuring safety requires a complete, end-to-end commitment involving every aspect of people, processes, equipment design, quality control and customized maintenance.

That’s Roska PTS.

As well testers, we are right up there with the industry’s best – and safety is no exception. As a division of Roska DBO, we benefit from Roska’s thorough safety systems, senior management commitment, experienced safety managers, quality control and other aspects. Roska DBO has a superb safety record and an official goal of zero harm – and Roska PTS is integral to that.


Quality control, inspections and maintenance/repair are critical in well testing, where valves and other equipment can be “washed out” or eroded to the point of failure by sand within hours or even minutes (if someone fails to follow procedures). Roska PTS takes quality control very seriously and our equipment is not only among the well testing sector’s newest, but is extremely well-maintained.


We are backed by the full resources of Roska DBO, which includes a thorough quality department that is highly experienced in dealing with sour-service equipment. Pressure-rated equipment is governed by a written manual, which is registered with provincial authorities. Roska’s Integrity Program ensures that all equipment is fit for service.

Roska’s Quality department is staffed by a team of full-time quality assurance specialists whose job is to ensure that all equipment leaving our facility meets the customer’s and regulatory requirements. The company has the processes needed to meet the standards of sophisticated, discerning companies. Roska’s quality program has the full support of the company’s senior leadership.

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Safety at Roska

Safety has the wholehearted commitment of Roska DBO’s senior management and the company has developed a safety culture that permeates the organization. Everything is built around the objective of zero harm, which means avoiding damage to people, equipment, the environment, hydrocarbon production processes or sites and facilities under construction.



The company’s purpose-built, self-contained, in-house safety management system is a sophisticated design intended to serve Roska’s unique lineup of equipment and services. Our individual safety standards are set at or above the highest individual standards or best practices of our various customers and operating jurisdictions. Roska has a very low TRIF, has won multiple customer awards for safety, and is considered a leading contractor in the area of safety management by certain leading oil and gas producers.

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Our People

Our customers need to feel confident that Roska PTS will not have any negative impact on their assets. Our people are trained and assessed as competent in safe work practices. We provide our people with the proper tools and equipment, including complete safety equipment, to work safely.

Further, we train our people in the philosophy of safety so that they accept that our standards must be adhered to and reflected in their behaviour – and we enforce it. Support of our HSE program is a condition of employment.


Roska’s loss control manager has a master’s degree in health and safety and over 20 years’ international experience in health and safety, as well as field experience as a tradesperson, plus a support team with formal academic training in safety. Roska PTS supervisors have extensive safety training and are responsible for day-to-day safety on the job site, including job risk assessments.