About Us

Roska Production Testing Services (PTS) operates a fleet of modern, well-engineered, carefully maintained well testing equipment capable of testing any new well or recompletion across the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, our fleet of high-pressure frac separator packages and our experienced supervisors and testers are well suited to the deeper, higher-pressure, high-rate and sometimes sour wells being drilled in the region’s unconventional reservoirs.

Roska PTS is a division of Roska DBO Inc. Roska DBO Inc. is a customer-focused, Grande Prairie-based operations company with a more than 20-year track record offering expertise in production and equipment solutions on well sites and facilities. In addition to fulfilling the contract operating needs of oil and gas producing, midstream and pipeline companies, Roska operates, designs and builds well-site facilities and provides a broad range of wellsite equipment.

Together, our 20-year history, proven safety culture, strategic proximity to key plays, customer focus, technically proficient people, industry-leading equipment and extensive experience deliver high-quality testing and flowback results.

Strength In Our “Family Ties”

Being a division of Roska DBO creates strong benefits. The synergies include top-level safety and quality control systems and access to Roska’s comprehensive production and operations equipment, services and personnel. That includes a large fleet of rental equipment, including rental pressure piping, and unique Roska-designed equipment such as the Chameleon 2500 Mobile Oil Battery.


Choosing Roska PTS gives you access to a much larger family of services covering the complete life-cycle of producing oil and gas fields. We can optimize your productivity from the moment fracturing is finished to production coming on-stream using a transition model from testing to early production that reduces your total cost of implementation. And we can design, build, commission, operate and/or maintain you permanent production facilities through whatever mix of equipment and services best suits your operating model.

There really is great strength in our family ties.

Your Bridge from
Completions to Operations

Engaging Roska PTS as your well testing provider can give you far more than just industry-leading well-testing packages and great crews. Choosing us facilitates a seamless, safe and cost-effective transition to: